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    April 2007 / Volume 19 / Number 4
    Review of A-MAZ Auto Finish and Water Spot Remover

    I accidently let the sprinkler hit my beautiful Equinox and you ought to see the spots... it came off the windows beautifully. When the people at Geil Enterprises approached me to try their A-MAZ Water Spot Remover product I was, to say the least, skeptical. After all, I'd used water spot removers in the past and they all worked great as long as I compounded and polished the spotted surface to remove the spots after applying the product. The problem was, the compounding did the actual spot removing, not the spot removing product. However, being the eternal optimist and ever ready to try something that actually works I gave A-MAZ Auto Finish Water Spot Remover a try on a fresh paint job that had been rained on and water spotted. I applied a thin film of A-MAZ Auto Finish to the car using a clean microfiber cloth, allowed the application to dry slightly, then wiped the stains away. No fuss, no hard rubbing, no polishing and no compounding. A-MAZ Auto Finish simply wiped clean and the stains were gone.

    The Auto Finish product worked just as well on the windshield as it did on the paint. Previously I've had to resort to steel wool to get a windshield clean.

    Auto Finish contains none of those chemicals I can't pronounce and is safe to use on just about any surface including all those glass and tile surfaces the wife is so picky about at home.

    To keep the ride looking good between rain storms I also tried the A-MAZ Auto Cleaner. It only takes 1 oz. per gallon of water to produce a foamy wash that has no problem removing dirt, road tar, tree sap, bug juice and bird bombs. Once clean I wiped the surface dry using a chamois.

    So will I use the A-MAZ products in the shop? Definitely. Like I said, products that actually live up to their promises are hard to find and I just found a couple.