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    All Purpose Cleaner

    General Cleaning
    Medium to Light Duty: Floors, Finished Wood, Painted Surfaces, Polished Marble, Stainless Steel, Chrome, Plastics, Cabinets, Colorfast Carpets and Fabrics.

    Specialty Cleaning
    Laundry: add ¼ cup of the All Purpose Cleaner (APC) to your washing machine to boost the cleaning ability of your regular detergent. You can also use the APC as a SPOT cleaner. Just apply the APC full strength to the affected area and let stand 10 minutes before washing.

    Dilution Ratios
    Heavy Cleaning
    1 oz. All Purpose Cleaner to ½ cup Water (1:5)

    Medium Cleaning
    1 oz. All Purpose Cleaner to 1 cup Water (1:10)

    Light Cleaning
    1 oz. All Purpose Cleaner to 4 cups Water(1:30)

    *The above dilution ratios are only meant to be a general guide. The condition of the surface or material requiring cleaning will vary. The best approach is to start light and work your way to heavy.


    Glass Etching versus Water Stain Remover

    Read the post from Popular Mechanics explaining the problem of glass etching.

    Plastics Information

    Download information from the American Chemistry Council on the Plastic Packaging Resin Codes.