Consumer Testimonials

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  • In April of last year we had our master bath redone. We had white porcelain vessel sinks installed. They looked great. But about 6 months later, we started to see yellow stains in the corners and edges. We have really hard water but we had what we thought was a good water softener. We were wrong. (We moved here July 1, 2004 and replaced the one the house came with. Like I said, we thought we were getting a good one) The water in southern Utah is horrible. Trust me.

    We have since gotten a top-notch unit but still had the stains to contend with. I tried everything I could find in the stores. I went online and tried everything people suggested. I wrote to the company that sold me the sinks. They were no help. In the meantime, the stains were getting bigger in both sinks.

    Then, last month, we were at Jones Paint and Glass in St George ordering some new French doors. We'd seen the container of A-MAZ on the counter when we ordered new shower doors for both bathrooms but didn't buy any. This time we figured we may as well try it. We'd tried everything else. This stuff worked! Those sinks are bright, white and shiny again. They look as new as the day they were installed. In the fist picture you can see the yellowing. The second picture is the new sink - and they look like that again.

    I just wanted to tell you that the cleaner IS amazing.

    • Barbara D.
  • "I just had to tell you about my experience in discovering your product. We are planning to put our home on the market soon and I wanted to have really nice clear glass doors on our showers. One in particular was horrible looking with water marks, so I told my husband that we need to replace the glass and just not use it so we don't get water marks on the new glass. I have gone through a search for something to remove water marks on windows and other materials for at least the last 12 years. Well, we took a shower door to the glass place this morning and I told the lady that we wanted to replace the glass because of the water marks and she looked at me like I was a complete idiot...then she showed me your product AMAZ. I was truly amazed and so was my husband...of course he was excited because of the money he is saving not replacing glass. Of course I have many other water spot stories, but I think you get the gist.

    Now I have 3 shower doors to clean as well as the frames on the doors, the front of my stainless steel refrigerator, the edges of my stainless steel sink, some tiles on my kitchen floor, some windows where the sprinklers hit the windows, etc. I guess it's a good think I bought 2 jars...hey with all I plan to clean I may have to go back for more before the week is up.

    Anyway, I just have to say I really feel like AMAZ is a miracle cleaner. I have no idea who developed this stuff but whoever it was, I say you really made lots of people happy for sure! Thank you! Thank you! Thank you! This certainly has made my day, week, year!"

    • Jackie
    • Amarillo, TX
  • "Thank goodness I tried your product. I had made a big mistake by washing my wife's car with water straight from a well and had water spots on the windshield. I tried several cleaners and a special glass polish with an orbital buffer with no success. Then I stumbled across your product at a glass shop. I thought I was going to have to replace the windshield but it worked. It took several applications because it was so bad but it got the job done. Thanks so much."

    • Mark
    • Colbert, WA
  • "Thanks for returning my call. I simply wanted to tell you that your cleaning product which removes hard water stains works fantastically. A few months ago I parked my new car and had the misfortune of being near an irrigation sprinkler. I tried everything to get the hard water spots off the windows but nothing worked. I was so upset I actually thought of replacing the windshield. When my wife brought home your product, A-MAZ, I was skeptical. I applied as instructed and within a short while my windows and mirrors were back to new. All I can say is thank you. It's a product that truly works. Now to the shower glass!"

    • C. Pond
    • Central Washington Fair Association
  • "I purchased A-MAZ at my local Ace Hardware store today and tried it on my glass shower door. Because we have very hard water, the door was looking bad after using many different products trying to remove the hard water stains. I was truly amazed at how well A-MAZ worked on both the door and the aluminum frame. I really like the fact that you don't have to wear gloves and it has no harsh chemicals. I will tell others about this great product. Thank you."

    • V. Larzelere
    • Sacramento, CA
  • "I wanted to write to you to tell you how THRILLED I am with all of the A-MAZ products I've used in my home. I paid a professional tile cleaner 250.00 to clean my shower. I noted that he used A-MAZ cream to clean the tiles in my shower. I went out immediately and purchased, ALL of the other products you offer and have used them on all my other bathrooms, shower doors and tile areas in my home. I'm absolutely overjoyed that my 15 year old bathrooms look like new! I've told everyone in my neighborhood and have even sent your site to my family members on the east coast (my sister Natalie McPherson will be placing an order) and friends!! Thanks again–love, love, love your products!"

    • L. Cullers and M. Falcon
    • Clovis, CA
  • "We purchased a fantastic 1950's house a few years ago. For over 5 years, the stationary kitchen picture window was etched with water stains from the sprinklers over the years. I tried many products to no avail. We didn't want to purchase a new window due to the high cost. I purchased a jar of A-MAZ at a home goods show. Your water stain remover removed those old stains in one try - the glass was like new! I use it on all our windows; our house is loaded with windows, mirrors, and glass sliding doors. I'll never be without your product again. If anyone wants to know if it works, I'll be happy to vouch for you - your water stain remover is FABULOUS. It works without destroying your hands or with harsh chemicals. Its paste consistency won't drip before it obliterates the stains. Your company is tops in my book. I will reorder as I get to the bottom of my first jar. Way to go! You offer a product that is economical and works better than ANYthing else on the market! And you were green before the rest of the world caught up. Thank you for manufacturing this is simply the best!

    PS: Yesterday, I used your citrus peel All Purpose Cleaner. A 50/50 solution sponged onto a soot-covered, natural brick fireplace. Let it sit, then used a surface sponge and brush. It came off...and I didn't have to wear gloves. Again, A-mazing."

    • T. Ingram
    • Van Nuys, CA
  • "Thank you very much for introducing me to A-MAZ Glass Cleaner! Since the completion of construction on our new home, I have been unable to get our windows completely clean, that is, streak free. I was not sure that A-MAZ Glass Cleaner would actually do the job I had been unable to do with many conventional glass cleaners; I had tried seemingly everything. I was in fact AMAZED when for the first time in three years my very large picture windows were completely streak free! Needless to say my wife was thrilled with the results and now we do not even bother with any other glass cleaner; A-MAZ is what it took to AMAZE us.

    Thank you for introducing us to this wonderful product!"

    • J. Miranda
    • Bella Vista, Arkansas
  • I want to commend you on this A-MAZing product for water spots. I tried vinegar, lemon juice, glass scrub, and newspaper to name a few, and even acetone with no luck. After a few applications with your Water Stain Remover...magic!!!! I am so lucky to have bought this stuff. My '07 Mustang windows with dark tint look new again. Thank you.

    • M. Wasemiller
    • Medford, Oregon
  • I ran into A-MAZ for the first time when one of my customers, Marcia Russel, showed it to me as what she used to clean her Cutco Knives. Being in the Cutco Cutlery Service Department by profession means I have to deal with oily buildup, tarnish, burned food, and grit stains on a daily basis and your product does better than almost anything I've ever seen when handling these issues. I was surprised that a product advertised as "water stain remover" could actually do all these things but combined with your scrubbers even baked on grease and what appear to be surface scratches often can be removed in seconds. From what I can tell A-MAZ works as well, if not better, than most steel cleaners like Steel Glow or Bar Keeper's Friend for smooth metal surfaces while maintaining the ability to bring back the mirror shine that products like Touch of Purple, Windex, or Orange Clean are so famous for- but in a single package. I recommended this to every customer I have now, especially if they own our cookware.

    • N. Pang
    • San Jose, CA
  • I accidently let the sprinkler hit my beautiful Equinox and you ought to see the came off the windows beautifully.

    • M. Corwin
    • Fernley, NV
  • Your product just saved me hundreds of dollars to remove hard water spots simply and easy from my car windows.

    • F. Arcati
    • Long Island, NY
  • My husband and I wanted your company to know that your product A-MAZ water stain remover really does work. We remodeled our 70's bathroom with glass block walk in shower, Here in the country we are on well water so before installing our new water softener our new shower was getting water stains. Upon visiting AUBURN HOME SHOW a Man listen to My sad story and said to try A-MAZ We are so glad we did !We tried 5 or 6 other products' before A-MAZ. Please get the word out there IT REALLY WORKS.

    Thank you!

    • S. Little
    • Newcastle, CA
  • I purchased a tub of the water stain remover on Sunday from the Ace Hardware in Anaheim, CA. I tested it on a few of the eye level tiles in my shower and the hard water stains definitely decreased. I'm looking forward to cleaning the whole shower with multiple applications this weekend.

    • B. Keil
    • Commerce, CA
  • We spoke at length on Saturday, March 3rd, at the Sacramento Home & Garden Show. I had asked you if your product would work on a black porcelain sink and toilet. You assured me that it would. There was absolutely no hesitation in your response. I was hesitant, as I have tried numerous other products that all claimed to remove hard water spots/stains, but went ahead and purchased A-MAZ. I immediately tried it that evening. I am happy to say that after collecting an overabundance of products, I am done shopping for the product that lives up to it's claim. A-MAZ lives up to it's claim and I am so glad that I stopped by your booth. My sink and toilet look as if they are brand new. It did take some elbow grease but it was well worth it. I am truly a satisfied customer and will not hesitate to recommend it to all of my friends as well as anyone else that wants to listen. This product is the B-E-S-T. Thank you so much.

    • D. Zach
    • Gold River, CA
  • Having worked in the paint and body repair business for more than twenty years, owned my own restoration and car building shop for more over ten years now and written two books and numerous magazine articles on the subject of automotive restoration I've seen more than my share of new and better products designed to make my life easier. Some of them worked, most of them didn't. When Auto Restorer Magazine approached me to do a product review on the A-MAZ Water Stain Remover product I was, to say the least, skeptical of its performance. After all, I'd used water stain removers in the past and they all worked great as long as you compounded and polished the stained surface to remove the stain after applying the product. The problem was, the polishing did the actual stain removing, not the stain remover product. However, being the eternal optimist I gave A-MAZ Water Stain Remover a try on a windshield that had been rained on and water spotted. I applied a thin paste of A-MAZ to the car using a clean micro fiber cloth, allowed the application to haze over, then wiped the stains away. No fuss, no hard rubbing, no polishing, no compounding. A-MAZ simply wiped clean and the stains were gone. A-MAZ works just as good on glass as it does on paint, contains none of those chemicals I can't pronounce and is safe to use on just about any surface including all those glass and tile surfaces the wife is so picky about at home.

    So will I use A-MAZ in the shop? Definitely. Like I said, products that actually live up to their promises are hard to find and I just found one.

    • L. Lyles
    • Amarillo, TX
  • My wife and I have been trying to find something, anything, to clean hard water spots from our car windows after leaving it out while watering the yard and nothing worked until today. Greg at the Ace Hardware in Atascocita, TX recommended the product after seeing a demo and it worked wonders. The spots were pretty engrained and it took a couple of applications, but the elbow grease was worth it!

    • D. Spencer
    • Atascocita, TX
  • I had a friend (Jim) recommend the Water Stain Remover and it really worked. After a tip on how to use, it did the job. Thanks to my friend Jim and A-Maz, my windows are clean.

    • C. Willis
    • Modesto, CA
  • I was lucky this past Saturday and located a glass & mirror store in Franklin Square, NY that had two cans of A-MAZ left. I purchased them and applied my elbow power on my shower door and side panels and the results were just AMAZING. Your product really satisfied me. Thanks for your follow-up letter also.

    • M. Tennenbaum
    • New York, NY