Ultra Gloss Sealant

A-MAZ Sealant’s non-abrasive formula protects windows, safety glass, shower doors, mirrors, fiberglass, tile/grout, porcelain, painted surfaces and fixtures against water spotting, mineral stains, acid rain, black streak, soap scum, oxidation and more. Simply clean the surface thoroughly and then apply sparingly. A-MAZ Sealant fills pores and forms a static/fog free shield, sealing the surface immediately.

A-MAZ Sealant is not a polymer (like a car wax) and since it contains no alcohol, it doesn’t evaporate. A-MAZ Sealant is silicone with carnauba and really works, providing long-lasting protection.

Frequently Asked Questions

How often should I apply the sealant?
As often as necessary. We recommend applying the Sealant after cleaning the surface with the Water Stain Remover. This will insure the best results.

How many applications does it take to get a good seal?
We recommend two applications to ensure complete coverage of the area that you are sealing.

What happens if I use too much sealant?
The sealant is very concentrated with one drop being sufficient to cover 8-9 square inches. If too much sealant is used, it tends to smear around because all of the pores and microscopic etched areas become filled and there is no place for the excess to go. If this happens, remove any excess (using the paste), and then reapply sparingly.

Will this seal up the tile and grout in bathroom and kitchen?
Yes. When you're sealing up the tile, make sure to apply the sealant over the grout area as well.

How long will it last on windows, shower doors, and toilet bowls?
It really depends on the surface and the amount of chemicals in the water or wear and tear on the surface. As a general rule, the Sealant will last 6-9 months on a shower door, 6 months on a toilet bowl surface, and 1 year on windows.

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