Gripper Pads

The Gripper scrub pad is a non-abrasive, polyester pad that helps clean a variety of surfaces. The Gripper is safe to use on glass and compliments many of our cleaning products. To help promote a greener environment, 100% of the polyester fiber used in our Gripper Pad comes from recycled materials. Primary sources of these materials are recycled soda and water bottles.

Frequently Asked Questions

Gripper or Scrub Pad – Are you sure it won’t scratch glass?
Yes. Our scrub pad is made of recycled plastic bottles reducing the hardness of the plastic. Again, test the scrub pad in an inconspicuous area before using to insure the surface can handle the abrasion.

Can't I use the green side of the sponge?
I would not recommend it unless it is a Sponge and not a scrub pad made of hard plastic.

What can I use the scrub pad on and what can I not use it on?
We recommend you use it on hard surfaces like Glass, Metal, and Ceramics. Any other surface would most likely scratch. Again, we have had people tell us they use our Scrub Pad on a multitude of surfaces, but we recommend testing first, to insure the surface can handle the abrasive.